Abortion Services in New Zealand

Hawke's Bay DHB

Wairoa District, Hastings District, Napier City, Central Hawke's Bay District, Chatham Islands Territory

Licensed institutions

Hawke's Bay Hospital - Terrace Cinic

Street Address: Omahu Road, Hastings
Postal Address: Private Bag 9014, Hastings

(06) 834 3952 Ext. 6669

Mobile (for text) 027 457 4312
Facsimile: (06) 878 1364
Email: TerraceClinic@hbdhb.govt.nz

Services provided

Hawkes' Bay DHB has a dedicated unit, The Terrace Clinic, which manages referrals for termination of pregnancy.

An early medication abortion (EMA) service is offered up to 9 weeks (62 days post LMP) as well as a surgical service. The operations are performed under local anaesthetic from 7-14 weeks gestation. Arrangements are made for referral to other centres (Te Mahoe Unit, Wellington Hospital or to Auckland) for pregnancies beyond 14 weeks..

The Terrace Clinic provides a service to women within the DHB catchment area from Dannevirke to Wairoa.

Termination for fetal anomaly is managed through the local specialist obstetricians.

First trimester


Appointments are made by The Terrace Clinic receptionist. Appointments can be made by the referring GP, practice nurse or the patient herself.

Patients can also contact Directions Youth Health Centre (free for 10-24yrs) phone (06) 871 5307 or Sexual Health Services Hawkes Bay phone (06) 834 1815 ext 4240 or 027 703 7391.

Referral information should be faxed to the clinic and appointments can be made by telephone.

Information required from the referrer

NZ residency and personal details, including contact telephone number; parity and gravidity, previous TOPs; LMP, pelvic exam findings, routine dating US scan; investigations (HVS, chlamydia and antenatal bloods); history and indications, contraception use at conception; recommended follow-up contraception.


If the legal criteria of the Crimes Act 1961 are met two certificates are provided by the doctors working the clinic.


A dedicated counsellor is available to see all women who wish this. Women are usually referred by their referring doctor, but also can be referred by the doctors in The Terrace Clinic


Emphasis is put on contraceptive advice and this is discussed at both the day one and day two session.

The procedure

First trimester surgical abortions are performed by suction curettage after misoprostol priming of the cervix for 1-3 hours. Local anaesthetic is used and deep sedation up to 14 weeks of pregnancy..


Follow-up is usually provided by the referring clinician. Complications requiring admission are dealt with by the gynaecology service at Hawke's Bay Hospital. Follow up counselling is available.


The service is free for eligible patients (NZ citizens or permanent residents). The charge for those ineligible for publicly-funded services is

$690 (incl GST) for EMA

$1100 (incl. GST) for surgical abortions..

Second trimester - all grounds, other than fetal anomaly

Second trimester abortion services for non-fetal anomaly grounds are arranged through The Terrace Clinic. Mifegyne is given and two days later the patient is admitted. A dedicated maternal social worker/counselling service is available and care is arranged through the consultant, nurse/midwife.

Women are referred to the Te Mahoe Unit, Wellington Hospital or to Auckland.

The Terrace Clinic receptionist will make the appointments.

Information required from the referrer

Information required is the same as for first trimester abortions.


Counselling before referral is essential for all women being referred to other districts for their termination.


One certificate may be provided at The Terrace Clinic and the second certificate provided by the operating doctor in the clinic to which they are referred.


The procedure differs in the different centres.

The Te Mahoe Unit in Wellington Hospital offers a range of procedures depending on the gestation.


The service is free for eligible patients (NZ citizens or permanent residents). The charge for those ineligible for publicly-funded services depends on the centre to which they are referred. The Hawke's Bay DHB does not contribute to the costs of women travelling to other centres for termination services.


Follow-up is provided by the referring clinician. A follow-up visit is recommended within two weeks.

Second trimester - fetal anomaly

Second trimester abortion services for fetal anomaly are provided in the Hawke's Bay Hospital. Some women with more complex problems are referred to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Team at Wellington Hospital.


The two certificates will be provided by the specialist obstetricians.

DHB responsibilities

All District Health Boards are required to provide termination of pregnancy services "for those women who meet the criteria provided by the Crimes Act 1961 and the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977". See Ministry of Health. However they may not necessarily provide the services themselves. Accessing accurate, up-to-date and informative details about how individual District Health Boards provide these services, has been extremely difficult. The information provided here is the best that we have been able to obtain for this district to date. We will continue to update the website as we obtain further information.

Last Updated: 20 November 2019